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All TopNotch motorbike rentals come with quality 3/4 helmets, free monthly servicing and free emergency roadside assistance.

01 Large selection of modern motorbikes for Vietnamese conditions.

We have a large selection of modern and reliable motorbikes to choose from and all our bikes are tested and suited to Vietnamese road conditions.

02 Traveling Vietnam: Good selection of modern motorbikes.

We have both manual and automatic bikes more than capable and well suited to traveling Vietnam and most road conditions the average travelers may encounter.


03 Drop off in other cities. 

We offer the ability to start in HCMC (Saigon) and return/leave your bike in another city.


04 Free delivery and pickup.

All weekly and monthly rental bikes come with free drop off and pickup to any suitable location of your choice within the metropolitan area of HCMC.


05 Free emergency roadside assistance.

We come out to you and repair or replace your motorbike immediately if it is causing you any problems (HCMC).


06 Monthly servicing.

All our bikes are regularly maintained and serviced every month ensuring they are kept in the safest and best running order possible.

07 Rent to own.

We offer the ability of choosing your own bike and paying it off monthly at the payments of your choosing. Pay it off in one year, or pay it off in two, the choice is completely yours.

08 Security deposit.

Passport/Vietnamese ID card or a cash deposit and a copy of your ID card or passport is required for all bike rentals. Security deposit may vary depending on the value of the bike, but we do not need to keep your passport. 

Rent to own
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