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SYM Shark 170cc 2009 automatic

Fully automatic 170cc powerhouse.

If you're looking for the most comfortable ride with the most power for an automatic scooter, this is the bike for you!

Larger frame size bike for taller people, ultra comfortable seat (with storage space underneath) and enough power to go anywhere and pass most auto bikes on the road. You can cruise all the way to Hanoi on this bike and not be sore at all.

The shark is also open the front, allowing for shopping or carrying things and is also very stable to ride.

First to test will love this bike.

Ex rental priced to sell:

7 900 000 VND

All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty

SUZUKI Hayate 2012

Suzuki Hayate 125cc model


Fully automatic Japanese quality scooter by Suzuki.


Well looked after Japanese brand motorbike, original condition. regular oil changes and maintenance. One of the most reliable bikes in Vietnam.


Very easy to ride in the city and also good for traveling. The 125cc engine provides more than enough power for anything Vietnam can throw at it.

Selling cheap for quick sale.


Comes with blue card and phone holder.

Viewing will not disappoint.

7 500 000 VND

All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty

GSX S150_2.jpg

SUZUKI GSX150S 2018 6 speed manual

6 speed manual 150cc. This motorcycle uses the same engine as the popular Suzuki Raider and has the best power to weight ratio in its class.


Great on fuel economy and smooth to ride. If you're after an awesome city runabout or for traveling, this motorbike is a great choice. 


Being a proper motorcycle, means that these bikes are a lot more stable and have better feel and braking then the barebone bikes.


Well looked after motorcycle in perfect condition with only 32 000km's on the clock and transferable name.


Comes with Givi rack, phone holder and USB charging port.


Ex rental priced to sell:


27 000 000 VND

All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty

BENELLI TRK 502 2018 6 speed manual

Benelli 500cc adventure motorcycle.


Full sized motorcycle with lots of power and the best in comfort for travel while still being relatively easy to ride in the city due to its good stability. 


Benelli is producing very reliable motorcycles at a competitive price and this is their most popular seller.


Features: slipper clutch, upside down forks, ABS, twin front discs, phone holder, USB charging port, Givi top box and side box racks (does not come with the cases).


Well maintained and ready to go.



Ex rental priced to sell:


90 000 000 VND

All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty

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