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Rent terms

All Top Notch motorbike rentals come with quality 3/4 and full-face helmets, free monthly servicing and free emergency roadside assistance. When travelling, the bikes come standard with free repairs (nothing for you to spend), phone holder, usb ports and luggage racks/boxes.

Rental periods Rentals are based on a 24 hour period. Automatic scooters can be rented on a daily basis. Manual motorcycles are minimum 3 x day rentals. For the highly discounted monthly rate, customers must reside in Vietnam and rent for a minimum of 3 x months.

Bookings All travel bookings require a booking deposit before we can reserve the bike to confirm it is a trua and valid booking. Remaining deposit and rent is paid when picking up the motorcycle. If the motorcycle is being shipped to another city, deposit and rent must be paid in full piror to shipping.

Security deposit/payments We offer the option of a cash deposit or passport for our motorbikes, but if traveling, a cash deposit is required. Security deposit will vary depending on the value of the bike and are stated on our website. Deposits can be made via cash, bank transfer, Paypal, Revolut, Wisetransfer, Australian bank account transfer, or credit card (in store only).

Roadside assistance/repairs Top Notch Bikes has emergency roadside assistance across Vietnam for all traveling motorcycles. Truck pickup for motorcycle and rider and delivered to the next city with a repair shop. We also cover all costs when traveling or in the city, due to motorcycle wear and tear and breakdown. Any problems with the motorbikes must be reported to Top Notch Bikes prior to any repairs being carried out. Repairs may only be carried out after being authorised by Top Notch Bikes and at an authorised service centre where we cover the costs on maintenance and repairs. We will not cover any costs incurred for unauthorized or un notified work and may charge for extra repairs needed when the motorcycle has been returned.

Monthly servicing All our bikes are regularly maintained and serviced free every month ensuring they are kept in the safest and best running order possible.

License When renting a motorcycle above 150cc, a valid license from your home country is required by us, so that we know you can competently ride a motorcycle.

Insurance All bikes come with third party insurance covering rider, passenger and other property.

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