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Fully automatic 125cc luxury scooter

The Honda PCX is a fairly famous scooter for all those traveling South East Asia. Fuel injected meaning an easy start, comfortable sitting position for all day cruising and a good rear seat for the passenger.

Large under seat storage provides the ability to carry lots of luggage, while the great clutch and engine gives you a smooth acceleration and ride. Economical on fuel and has the benefit of the tank being at the front so you don't need to get off the bike to fill up.

Good for taller riders (extra leg room) both in the city or traveling the country.

For more information, feel free to send us a message and check out our rental terms :)


Daily:             300 000 vnd

Weekly:       1 800 000 vnd

Monthly:    6 900 000 vnd (unlimited km)

City rates: 3 000 000 vnd (City only and renting min 3 x months)

Rental terms

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