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Fully automatic 155cc scooter.

Internationally famous Yamaha Aerox (NVX in Vietnam). The Aerox has always been Yamaha's performance scooter for many years and now they've incorporated the VVA technology into a 155cc engine, giving great fuel economy for low revs and instant performance when the throttle is opened and the VVA (Variable valve actuation) kicks in at over 7 000rpm's.

The NVX is a larger framed bike suitable for taller sized westerners, very stylish and sporty looking, with a large comfortable seat and great under seat storage similar the Honda PCX. With its low centre of gravity this is a very light feeling bike to ride and extremely maneuverable. Being a Yamaha also provides the security of Japanese reliability.

These bikes are great for getting around the city with extra power when needed and also great for traveling the country one or two up. 

For more information, feel free to send us a message and check out our rental terms :)


Daily:             300 000 vnd

Weekly:       1 800 000 vnd

Monthly:    6 900 000 vnd (unlimited km)

City rates: 3 000 000 vnd (City only and renting min 3 x months)

Rental terms

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