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SUZUKI Impulse 125cc


Fully automatic 125cc Suzuki Impulse.

Well what can we say about this scooter? One of our most loved and trusted scooters on the Vietnamese market.

Suzuki Japanese quality at its best. Suzuki are one of the only Japanese scooter manufactureres to actually use oil filters on the small sized bikes and that makes these engines super reliable and indestructible no matter how badly they get treated (and trust me they do).

We use these bikes with the utmost confidence above all other scooters (yes including Honda).

This scooter comes with the same engine as the indestructible Hayate but with an upgraded fuel system using EFI, eliminating the carburetor problems (well lack of mechanic carburetor knowledge problems) that couldn't be tuned. Now they're super easy to start, better on fuel, comfortable to ride and don't have any fuel delivery issues.

These bikes are for people wanting to travel the country on an automatic, or just use it in the city to and from work without any worries of break downs.

Highly recommended scooter

For more information, feel free to send us a message and check out our rental terms :)


Daily:          $10 USD

Weekly:     $60 USD

Monthly:  $220 USD

Rental terms

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