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SYM Elizabeth 110cc

Fully automatic 110cc scooter from the Taiwanese company SYM.

Being from an internationally famous company like SYM firstly makes these retro (Vespa looking) 110cc scooters great value for money. SYM is famous for small sized scooters and maxi scooters in the west, such as 400, 600cc and so on.

Our SYM Elizabeths are the newer model Elizabeth (110cc) with fuel injection, making them easy to start and much more reliable and economical on fuel than the older 125cc carburetor version (approximately 50% saving on fuel in comparison with the older model). 

Huge under seat storage (double the standard scooter), huge comfy seat and open at the front for extra storage space. A very popular competitor with Westerners and Vietnamese to the Honda lead.

These bikes are great for traveling around in the city in retro style.

For more information, feel free to send us a message and check out our rental terms :)


Daily:          $9 USD

Weekly:     $54 USD

Monthly:  $110 USD (City only)


Rental terms

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