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A bit of background from me: I've been riding bikes for almost 40 years, from my young teens in Australia, from my first dirt bike (XR 75) to KX, XL, XR's and more, to then my first road bike at the age of 17, a Honda CM 250 (back in the 80's). From then I went on to many different sports/touring larger bikes such as GS 1000's, GSXR 1000's, Katana's, Yamaha's as well as Harley's and other cruisers. My favourite bike of all time was my Cagiva V-Raptor 1000. Check it out, still a great looking Italian bike today for a 2001 model bike.

Also ridden a lot of scooters in Europe throughout my life and now bikes and scooters in Vietnam.

I just love to ride and to ride anything with an engine :)

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