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Most cheap rental bikes in Vietnam are also the cheapest quality and oldest bikes available.
We don't stock those bikes!

Quality scooters and large manual motorcycles

At Top Notch motorbikes we provide the best maintained automatic scooters and manual motorcycles, making them safe for your travels whether it's city commuting or traveling the country. The last thing you want is to ride an unsafe motorcycle or have a high risk of breaking down just to save a few dollars for an old cheap motorbike.


Motorcycles and scooters are available for short and discounted long term rentals.

Browse through our site to see all models and prices, or give is a call or message on Whatsapp, Messenger or Zalo.

One way rentals

*HaNoi -Saigon, Saigon-Hanoi incurs and additional surcharge from 2.5 million VND per bike

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