Modern, reliable bikes for the city and traveling

Pickup Saigon, drop off in Hanoi and other cities*

Most popular bikes

 YAMAHA NVX 125/155cc

Fully automatic

Internationally acclaimed power house scooter from Yamaha. Blue core engine with VVA.

Ultimate in comfort, style, fuel economy and power.

Great for traveling and the city.


125cc fully automatic

Fully automatic luxury cruising scooter. This is one of the most popular bigger sized bikes for westerners. Travel around in total comfort.


Fully automatic

Great value for money. Light weight and super easy to ride, this fully automatic 125cc is the perfect bike for weaving through the hectic traffic for your daily commute to work.


300cc 6 speed manual

The perfect bike for traveling Vietnam, or cruising the city. A great sounding twin cylinder 300cc engine, packed inside beautiful Italian styling.

6 speed gearbox and ABS brakes

Daily:           300 000 VND

Daily:           350 000 VND

Daily:            200 000 VND

Daily:          800 000 VND

Rental prices

Daily and weekly rental prices are for non residents. The heavily discounted long term monthly rates are for 3 months minimum rental and proof of residency or work may be required.

*Drop off in HaNoi for an additional fee of just 2.5 million VND per bike

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