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HONDA Winner X 150cc


6 speed manual.

Ok now we're into the bigger 150cc capacity manuals. I was going to put the Winner and Exciter into the same category and info page but I thought that might upset some fans on both sides of the fence, so I made them separate :)

The winner was Honda's first barebone bike by them to compete with the Yamaha exciter which had already been in Vietnam for a few years and therefore Yamaha had a good lead. Honda made the bike well but it had some weaknesses against the Exciter, which they've now improved with the version 2. Very lightweight and smooth power delivery from the 150cc engine. Comes with Honda reliability.

Being a 6 speed manual you get good fuel economy and they're easy to ride and maneuver.

These bikes are great for daily commutes with their light clutch or for traveling one or two up.

For more information, feel free to send us a message and check out our rental terms :)


Daily:             300 000 vnd

Weekly:      1 800 000 vnd

Monthly:    5 900 000 vnd (unlimited km)

City rates: 2 500 000 vnd (limited km)

Rental terms

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