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SYM Passing 50cc

SYM passing 50cc

Fully automatic 50cc scooter from the Taiwanese company SYM.

Being from an internationally famous company like SYM firstly makes these 50cc scooters a cut above any cheap Chinese brands out there. SYM is famous for small sized scooters and maxi scooters in the west, such as 400, 600cc and so on.

generally 50cc bike in Vietnam are sold for students, so you don't need a license and you usually don't get hassled by the police unless you're doing something wrong.

The "passing" is the same physical size as the Honda vision but with a smaller 50cc engine. It's open at the front so you can carry luggage there as well as having under seat storage. Extremely economical on fuel being a small engine and you get the SYM reliability over Chinese copies or older scooters.

These bikes are great for people wanting to get around the city without hassles from police or the need of a license. Even fast enough for two up riding remembering that the traffic flow averages around 40kph in Saigon.

People sometimes mention they're not that powerful, but it must be remembered that that's precisely why you don't need a license :) . If they were more powerful, you would need a license .

For more information, feel free to send us a message and check out our rental terms :)


Daily:             200 000 vnd

Weekly:       1 200 000 vnd

City rates:  1 800 000 vnd (limited km)

Rental terms

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