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GSX S150.jpg

6 Speed manual from super Suzuki

What to say about this bike? This is truly one of my favourite bikes for use in Vietnam. Super reliable Suzuki brand and the best power to weight ratio of all Japanese competitors in its class. This is truly the best bike for traveling the country if you're not planning on going off-road.

Super smooth 6 speed gearbox, upright comfortable sitting position, light clutch, light weight and easy to ride. You can ride it economically, or when you open the throttle you can feel it has the power when needed.

Fuel injected and easy start makes this a great bike to ride.

These bikes are great for both city riding with their light weight and light clutch and great for traveling Vietnam. With the fitted GIVI boxes, you can also carry lots of luggage and this bike will take you anywhere in style..

I personally use this bike for traveling, city riding and track days where I give it a beating for 3 hours straight and always between 7 000 and 10 500rpms, so yes I can say these bikes can take a beating and just keep on going.

For more information, feel free to send us a message :)

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