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With over 30 years experience in motorcycling, we do our best to source the best quality bikes at affordable prices and offer a varying range to suit all budgets and styles.

Top Notch Bikes provides both sales and rentals. Bikes for sale that are not ex rental unless stated as such.


All motorbikes/Scooters for sale come with one month warranty, blue card and sales receipt (which can be used as evidence of purchase for authorities).

Even after warranty expiration, you're always welcome to bring your purchased bike back to us if you have any problems and we're more than happy to help.

We hope you find what you need whether it be for daily commuting or traveling and exploring this beautiful country.


SYM Shark 170cc 2010 automatic

Fully automatic 170cc powerhouse.


If you're looking for the most comfortable ride with the most power for an automatic scooter, this is the bike for you!

Larger frame size bike for taller people, ultra comfortable seat (with storage space underneath) and enough power to go anywhere and pass most auto bikes on the road. You can cruise all the way to Hanoi on this bike and not be sore at all.

The shark is also open the front, allowing for shopping or carrying things and is also very stable to ride.

First to test will love this bike.


Ex rental price to sell:


12 000 000 VND

All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty

Kymco Candy 50cc automatic 2017 model

Fully automatic 50cc newer model scooter in excellent running order.


Perfect city bike for people that don't have a license and don't want any trouble with the police.

Full sized scooter, easy to start and ride. Just turn the throttle and go.

Has under seat storage and the fuel cap is at the front, so you don't need to get off the bike to fill it up.

These bikes are very economical on fuel and can carry two people around the city without any problems, making them the perfect license free city bike.


Ex rental price to sell:


8 500 000 VND

All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty


SYM Elizabeth 125cc 2008 automatic

Fully automatic 125cc calssical style scooter.


Large seat giving plenty of sitting space and making this bike extremely comfortable to ride. 

The bike is in great condition with a solid engine, good brakes and all electrics working as they should.

Classic styling and colours make this a great bike on a cheap budget.

Open front for extra storage space as well as under seat storage.


Ex rental price to sell:


6 500 000 VND

All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty

YAMAHA Nouvo 5 125cc 2012 automatic

Fully automatic 125cc fuel injected scooter.


This is not your older model carbureted Nouvo 2. This is newer fuel injected version saving fuel with less hassles and smoother power delivery.

Larger wheels for bump absorption and comfort.

The bike is excellent condition with a good engine, smooth riding and acceleration, good brakes and all electrics working well.


Ex rental price to sell:


9 500 000 VND




All bikes come with blue card and 1 month warranty

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